Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition) is a bimonthly English journal, starts publication from 2014.
Administrated by :
Ministry of Education of China
Sponsored by :
Chang’an University
Richard Kim, North Carolina State University
Aimin Sha, Chang’an University
Aims & scope:
As an academic journal, Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition) provides a platform for exchange and discussion of novel and creative ideas on theoretical and experimental researches in transportation field. It publishes high-quality peer-reviewed papers on engineering, planning, management, and information technology of transportation. The journal is committed to rapid peer-review and publication.
The scope of Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition) includes:

  Road engineering, railway engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering
  Automotive engineering, design, manufacture, and operation of vehicles
  Air transportation, maritime transportation, road transportation, railway transportation
  Analysis, operation, optimization, and planning of transportation systems and network
  Travel behavior, information technology, traffic control, traffic flow theory
  Economics, safety, and management of transportation
  Multimodal transportation and logistics research
  Intelligent transport systems
  Materials science

Current Issue
[Zhiyu Hana, Peiliang Conga,*, Jian Qiunb]
[Abstract](96)[PDF:5115KB] (87)
[Mingjing Fanga,*, Ran Zhoua, Wenhui Keb, Bo Tianc, Yubin Zhangd, Jianjun Liue]
[Abstract](89)[PDF:2655KB] (74)
[Haiying Wanga,*, Wei Zhanga, Yingzhi Zhangb, Jian Xuc]
[Abstract](81)[PDF:2847KB] (201)
[Xiwen Changa, Yue Xiaoa,*, Yongshuang Longa,b,**, Feng Wanga, Zhanping Youc]
[Abstract](73)[PDF:1812KB] (66)
[Zhoujing Yea, Ya Weib, Jianfeng Lia, Guannan Yana, Linbing Wangc,d,]
[Abstract](92)[PDF:2759KB] (137)