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Preface for the special issue on “9th International Conference on Road and Airfield Pavement Technology”
Numerical visco-elastoplastic constitutive modelization of creep recovery tests on hot mix asphalt
Measuring and evaluating of road roughness conditions with a compact road profiler and ArcGIS
Laboratory investigation on the properties of asphalt mixtures modified with double-adding admixtures and sensitivity analysis
Dynamic analysis of falling weight deflectometer
Comparative studies of lightweight deflectometer and Benkelman beam deflectometer in low volume roads
Prediction of pavement roughness using a hybrid gene expression programming-neural network technique
A comprehensive analysis on the pavement condition indices of freeways and the establishment of a pavement management system
Optimising local council's return on investment from annual pavement rehabilitation budgets through targeting of the average pavement condition index
Surface texture and friction characteristics of diamond-ground concrete and asphalt pavements
Material development for a sustainable precast concrete block pavement