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Preface for the special issue on "Driver behavior, highway capacity and transportation resilience"
Effect of speed hump characteristics on pavement condition
A methodology for rearranging transit stops for enhancing transit users generalized travel time
In-vehicle stereo vision system for identification of traffic conflicts between bus and pedestrian
Effect of time-of-day and day-of-the-week on congestion duration and breakdown: A case study at a bottleneck in Salem, NH
Collision mitigation and vehicle transportation safety using integrated vehicle dynamics control systems
Macroscopic and microscopic analyses of managed lanes on freeway facilities in South Florida
Investigating temporal trends in the explanatory variables related to the severity of drivers' injuries in single-vehicle collisions
An empirical comparison of four technology-mediated travel survey methods
Design and development of an improved traffic light control system using hybrid lighting system
Factors associated with crash severities in built-up areas along rural highways of Nevada: A case study of 11 towns