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Review and evaluation of cold recycling with bitumen emulsion and cement for rehabilitation of old pavements
Experimental characterization of the 3D linear viscoelastic behavior of cold recycled bitumen emulsion mixtures
Construction quality acceptance performance-related specifications for chip seals
Study of the impact of the compaction and curing temperature on the behavior of cold bituminous recycled materials
Emulsion cold mix asphalt in the UK: A decade of site and laboratory experience
Long-term performance of fiber-grid-reinforced asphalt overlay pavements: A case study of Korean national highways
Comparative study of ethanol foamed asphalt binders and mixtures prepared via manual injection and laboratory foaming device
Investigating short-term and long-term binder performance of high-RAP mixtures containing waste cooking oil
Influence of polyolefin fibers on the strength and deformability properties of road pavement concrete