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Preparation process of bio-oil and bio-asphalt, their performance, and the application of bio-asphalt: A comprehensive review
Deterioration models for prediction of remaining useful life of timber and concrete bridges: A review
Temperature action and effect of concrete-filled steel tubular bridges: A review
Chemical, morphological and rheological characterization of bitumen partially replaced with wood bio-oil: Towards more sustainable materials in road pavements
Recycled asphalt shingle modified asphalt mixture design and performance evaluation
Effect of steel slag aggregate and bitumen emulsion types on the performance of microsurfacing mixture
Effects of asphalt types and aging on healing performance of asphalt mixtures using induction heating method
Quantification of skid resistance seasonal variation in asphalt pavements
Performance evaluation of the use of tire-derived fuel fly ash as mineral filler in hot mix asphalt concrete
Investigation of accuracy of pavement mechanistic empirical prediction performance by incorporating Level 1 inputs