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A review on pavement distress and structural defects detection and quantification technologies using imaging approaches
A comprehensive review of bio-oil, bio-binder and bio-asphalt materials: Their source, composition, preparation and performance
Characteristics of aggregate gradation, drain down and stabilizing agents in stone matrix asphalt mixtures: A state of art review
Microscopic experimental and numerical research on rejuvenators: A review
Precast system and assembly connection of cement concrete slabs for road pavement: A review
A bibliometric review on stability and reinforcement of special soil subgrade based on CiteSpace
A semi-empirical model for top-down cracking depth evolution in thick asphalt pavements with open-graded friction courses
Hierarchical methodology to evaluate the quality of disparate axle load data sources for pavement design
Temperature dependency of VOCs release characteristics of asphalt materials under varying test conditions
Identification of parameter to assess cracking resistance of asphalt mixtures subjected to aging and moisture conditioning
A distributed pavement monitoring system based on Internet of Things